Feb 25 2020

Benefits of Nearshore Staff Augmentation

You’ve probably heard about outsourcing, but do you know what nearshore staff augmentation is?

Outsourcing is the practice of obtaining goods and services from an outside or foreign supplier, sometimes those goods and services are teams. Companies use outsourcing when there is a lack of labor or when the cost of that labor might be too high.

Nearshore staff augmentation refers to an outsourcing strategy to hire employees abroad and manage them as your team. This is a common practice when hiring specialized IT engineers, software developers, manufacturing, QA’s, call centers, etc.

Staff augmentation is a hybrid between outsourcing and a full-time in-house employee, combining the best of both, on the one hand you’re reducing hiring costs and time and on the other hand, you have the perks of adding a fully-prepared and skilled employee adding value to your project.
Staff augmentation also allows you to customize teams according to the client’s needs and goals. 

Some of the benefits of Staff Augmentation:

- Recruitment time and costs are reduced
- In-house employment costs are eliminated
- High productivity levels
- Geographical limitations aren’t an obstacle
Gain access to resources unavailable internally
Hitting deadlines quicker
100% dedicated staff

In Sonatafy, Global Operating Units are what we call these newly-formed teams that are managed by the hiring company and work in-house Sonatafy’s facilities, whether it’s in Mexico or China. Not only are they nearshore teams, which makes them available for you during working hours, but you could also have seamless time zones by adding members from two different locations, adding extra hours of work to the project, reducing working deadlines.

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