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Because every client is unique, we have developed engagement models tailored for businesses from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Sonatafy Technology can Audit, Visualize, Transform, Verify, and Maintain

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  • Audit

    - We clearly and actionably look at your software assets and engineering processes

  • Visualize

    - We work with your stakeholders to identify areas that can provide the biggest ROI

  • Transform

    - We specialize in augmenting your engineering teams to develop and deploy your products

  • Verify

    - We are experts in building cost-effective QA teams to verify what is going out to your customers meets their expectation.

  • Maintain

    - We can maintain all your products post deployment and monitor and fix any unintended defects quickly and safely

Codebase And Contribution Audit

Codebase and Contribution Audit

Sonatafy offer a unique insight into your codebase so that you can understand the strength and quality of the code, the contributions that your team are making, and the amount of technical debt that you incur. This allows for the opportunity to spin up maintenance teams to tackle areas off the critical path that might need to be cleaned up. Are you certain of the quality of all your software assets? Sonatafy will make it very crystal for you.

Consultion And Fractional Cto Services

Consultation and Fractional CTO Services

Are you struggling with what to build or when and how to build products? Are you considering building a team but do not know where to start? Sonatafy can help you come to clearer and more efficient decision by working with you to understand you roadmap in order to build the right products at the right time. We take a holistic look at your current needs and make sure that every engineering dollar spent has clear ROI.

Ux Ui Design

UI/UX Design

Are you in early stage product development? Are you building out the initial wireframes for a new campaign, feature or product? Do you need to convert your design to web/mobile applications? Sonatafy can assist you by providing seasoned designers and web developers.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Sonatafy cloud engineers can assist you in leveraging all your cloud services. Our teams and engineers have been working with companies to shift their infrastucture to the cloud, increase their services reach and scalability, and deliver best-in-breed applications through the browser. Regardless of your Cloud Service Provider (AWS, Azure, Google) our engineers have the experience and degrees to support your growth.

Web And Mobile Aplications

Web and Mobile Applications

Sonatafy has been assisting our customers to build complex Web and Mobile applications for over 15 years. We contribute team members to manage the projects, lead the development, code the stories, and test the releases. Regardless of your technology stack, we can build a team to suite your needs, tooling, and culture. Are you facing Opportunity Debt? Are there applications or features that are sitting in the backlog? Sonatafy engineers can help get them out of the backlog and in front of your customers.



Let us assist you with your Cloud Infrastructure. Our teams have worked with many clients to support end-to-end infrastructure management as well as deployment and release orchestration. We understand the opportunities that automation of provisioning infrastructure provide and we can manage and maintain your Continuous Delivery pipeline to increase your teams output and minimize deployment risk.

Qa And Maintenance

QA and Maintenance

Delivering software and products that work as intended is paramount to the success of a company. Sonatafy is an expert at building out QA and Maintenance teams to support your growth. With operation centers in both Latin America and Asia-Pacific, we can test and transform following the sun. This means that your engineers have a tested and potentially fixed build by the next morning. Don’t let your customers test your product, let Sonatafy build you a cost-effective team that you can count on.

It Helpdesk Support

IT Helpdesk Support

Sonatafy works with our customers to support their customers. Whether addressing network issues, product support and education, our support engineers are able to clearly communicate and interact with your customers in the way you need to be successful.

Technical Debt And Refactoring

Technical Debt and Refactoring

Technical Debt can and often will equate to anxiety. It often loses to the tradeoff of New Features. The longer we let it linger the more risk we incur. Sonatafy can help you clearly and actionable identify Technology Debt, quality concerns, and areas of performance inefficiencies so that we can address it for you. Keep your critical path engineers on the critical path and let a Sonatafy maintenance team tackle that debt for you.

Do not let COVID slow down or stop your key company IT projects. Utilize our cost effective dedicated augmented team approach to reinvigorate or speed up key company IT solutions.

Utilize our expertise in Cloud Solutions, Web Solutions, Mobile Solutions, E-Commerce, Big Data, DevOps Practices, QA, IoT, Machine Learning to help your company meet and exceed your goals.


Our commitment to our clients is delivering the perfect team.

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